Kiso Klein Guitar

Designed by Steve Klein, one of the premier luthiers of our time.

No longer in production -- These elegant guitars were built by a few, select, master-luthiers in Japan.

For those of you who have had the priviledge of playing a Klein guitar, you will recognize his influence in every detail of this guitar. From the exacting craftsmanship, to the cutting edge design, it exudes class and style. Artfully conceived the Kiso OM is a powerful tool in the right hands. Please call Robin for a description of its virtues, or make an appointment to come by and play this extraordinary guitar. Here are the details.......

Indian Rosewood back and sides with a fine Sitka Spruce top.

There is virtually NO HEEL ~ which allows access darn near into the soundhole. The playability is excellent, the sound firecrackers out of this instrument, but with grace.

Superbly sublime rosette of koa, shell and abalone.

The neck is Mahogany with a two way adjustable truss rod and two steel reinforcement bars.

The fingerboard is ebony. Machine Heads are Goto gold tuners with ebony buttons.

The body and fingerboard are bound in koa, the strap pins are ebony.

The NECK JOINT is the KisoKlein design bolt on with no heel. The Kiso Crane is inlaid into Hawaiian koa.

The BRIDGE is ebony ~ made in the Klein acoustic design called an "Impedance matching" bridge that is shaped to coincide with the string vibration and assist in an even transmission from the string through the bridge into the top without hindering flow.

The strings are held in place on individual posts and guided into place with black cap screws.

THE DOOR ~ Officially titled "Removable Tail Block" was designed and used under license from luthier and guitar designer Abe Wechter.

This access door makes the inside of the guitar body almost totally accessible for fine tuning of the bracing, electronic installation and upgrading, and for repairs in years to come.

The INTERNAL BRACING STRUCTURE is the KisoKlein configuration incorporating Steve Klein's Kasha inspired bracing.

The Nut Width is 1 3/4" and the Scale length is 25 3/8".

The condition is Exc--.  A few dings in the binding, and one minor dink in the top.

Kiso Klein
Sold OMK-1
Nut Width: 
1 3/4"
Saddle Spacing: 
2 3/16"
Scale Length: 
Other (see description)
Frets to Body: 

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