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Tough Times mean Great Guitars March 19, 2009

[caption id="attachment_24" align="aligncenter" width="99" caption="Walker L-00"]Walker L-00[/caption]One of the fortunate, or unfortunate results of the times - depending on your point of view - is the absolute plethora of fine, used, high-end guitars available right now. We have been very excited at Guitar Gallery of late, everytime we unpack a guitar. Treasures like a Borges OM with chocolate mahogany back & sides, an extremely rare Wayne Henderson 000, a steel string Somogyi, a Kim Walker L-00, a Ryan Signature Nightingale. All used and available for immediate enjoyment. Also cool vintage pieces from the 60's from one player, including a Martin D-28, a Gibson Hummingbird & Epiphone Casino. WOW ! And remember, fine guitars are always a good investment. Unlike your car which depreciates daily, a fine guitar Appreciates over time. So, while you are enjoying playing your guitar, you are also earning a return on your purchase. We remain Guitar Gallery, the best source for high-end, handmade acoustic guitars.