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Our Shop

Our Shop

Please enjoy a little tour of our shop at Guitar Gallery TN, bursting at the seams with fine handmade, acoustic guitars.


We Do NOT collect Sales Tax for items shipped outside of TN.



  • I now have about four hours of playing of the Mustapick nylon string crossover that I got today, and I must say I’m very happy with it. First of all, it’s a beautiful guitar to look at: the wood and binding are spectacular. Secondly, it sounds every bit as good as it looks. It has a beautiful tone and, when you run it through an amp, it is true to the acoustic sound. The neck is a very comfortable width for me—slightly narrower than my classical; slightly wider than my Benedetto Bravo archtop—and it feels great to play.
    As you told me, “it’s a lot of guitar for the price.” I’ve been playing mostly jazz on it, but I’ve also played some classical pieces and it sounded great. Thanks again, Robin. This is a beautiful guitar and it’s a joy to play it!

    —Don W.

  • I’ve had a number of fine guitars from great builders go through my hands. Some I liked…some not. Some were supposed to be GREAT, but I didn’t feel the love. Never have I been so thoroughly impressed and enjoyed an instrument so much as the Old Lady (Lowden). It’s exceptional in tone, playability, subtlety [e.g. cello suite in G] and workmanship – with enough overtones to please… but not clutter. WOWZA. Thanks for making the match!

    —Greg D.

  • It arrived safely today, and I'm very, very pleased. It's basically perfect for me and my style of playing. It is, just as you said, uber responsive, so it's ideal for fingerstyle with a light touch. It has that alive and breathy tone that I was looking for, with a strong bass, but balanced top to bottom. And the slim neck profile and the light weight of the instrument make it supremely comfortable for me to play. I should also mention that I think it's beautiful; the woods, the rosette, the fit and finish, all very, very nice!

    —David E.

  • Two other people who have been just as instrumental in my development as a builder, are Michael Watts and Robin Weber...

    Robin was my first dealer when I was starting out, and took a chance on me when others wanted to wait and see how I turned out. She has taught me alot about the music business, and I am forever grateful to her and her guidance.

    —Jason Kostal - quoted from Guitar Connoisseur Magazine, Dec. 2014

  • No buyer’s remorse here! It’s the best guitar I’ve ever owned and does everything I hoped it would! I’ve barely put it down. Thanks again, Robin

    —Daniel M.

Our Products

About Guitar Gallery

Guitar Gallery specializes in the online sale of fine, acoustic & electric stringed instruments. We offer mainly high end, handmade acoustic guitars, we cater to the discerning musician in search of exceptional tone, craftsmanship, and playability. As you browse, you can both see and hear handcrafted acoustic guitars from all over the world—available for immediate purchase.

We Are An Authorized Dealer For

Applegate guitars, Michel Aboudib Guitars, Barzilai, Bashkin guitars, Beardsell acoustic guitars, Beauregard guitars, Beneteau guitars, Berkowitz guitars, Borges guitars, Branzell guitars, Brondel guitars, Caton, Mervyn Davis Luthiers guitars, Dudenbostel acoustic guitars, Elysian Acoustics, Ensor guitars, Flammang guitars, Froggy Bottom guitars, Fylde guitars, Galloup guitars, Gerber, Oskar Graf, Greven guitars, Isaac Jang guitars, George Lowden guitars, Lowden, McPherson guitars, Mannix,  McKnight, Marchione guitars, NK Forster, Noemi guitars, Olson, Osthoff, Rasmussen, Thomas Rein classical and steel string guitars, Ribbecke archtops, Tim Reede, Kevin Ryan guitars, Sheeran by Lowden, Sangirardi & Cavicchi (SEC) guitars, Serracini, Sexauer Guitars, Square Deal guitars, Strahm guitars, Somogyi guitars, T Drew Heinonen, Thompson guitars, Thorell, Tippin guitars, Bent Twig, TreeHouse, Walker guitars, Laurie Williams guitars, Kathy Wingert guitars, Zimnicki Archtops & Guitars and more.

Fine Strings

We carry the following fine strings Newtone, D'Addario, Elixir, Cleartone, Thomastik-Infeld, DR, John Pearse, and Martin strings.


As well as many other fine accessories like Levy's Leather straps, Long Hollow guitar straps, Monster Products, Virtuoso, Lowden and Martin polish, Planet Waves humidifiers and bridge pins, Fishman amps, Hercules & Solid Ground stands, Calton, Cedar Creek, Main Stage and Karura guitar cases, Peterson tuners, ReUnion Blues gigbags, Zoom, Samson, LR Baggs, K&K Sound, Tone Rite etc., etc., etc.

Used Instruments

We also carry fine used instruments by Olson, Benedetto, Martin, Fay guitars, Gibson, Abasi, Henderson guitars, Hamblin guitars, Alberico guitars, Arnold guitars, Baranik, Bown, Bourgeois guitars, Breedlove, Crook electrics, Echo Park, Everett, Klein guitars, Collings, Circa, DT Guitars, Gretsch, Guild, Hopkins archtops, House guitars, Hill Guitar Company, Kinnaird, Kramer, Sobell, Taylor guitars, Traugott, Kim Walker, Leach, G.R.Bear, Merrill guitars, Mustapick, Noble, New Complexity, National resonators, Perez, Santa Cruz guitars, Goodall, Larrivee', Schwartz guitars, Fender, Running Dog guitars, Shelly Park, Baker, D'ambrosio, DeTemple, Melancon, Vega, Veilette, Woolson guitars etc.

Our Recordings

We record our instruments to give you, the client, a sense of their sound, soul, and ability to speak with different styles of play. We try to place the microphones consistently - (a Shure SM81 condenser mic for amplified recordings or a Neumann TLM 102 for acoustic), NO EQ, No effects - except when mentioned on electric guitars. Recordings are acoustic unless indicated otherwise.


Guitars 4 Troops

About Guitars 4 Troops

Guitars 4 Troops is working to provide our deployed soldiers (down range) with guitars and other musical supplies to help bring joy, recreation, and healing while stationed abroad. With your help of donated instruments and funds we hope to give the gift of music to our military personnel while they are away from home.


Since June of 2009, we have been donating guitars and other musical supplies to our Troops in Afghanistan & Iraq. With the charitable donations we receive we are able to send guitars and care packages to be distributed to units abroad, including the first unit we met, Task Force Builder in Afghanistan. We now send to many different military units. This has brought much enjoyment and gratification on each end of the program. Everyone who has heard about this program responds positively and many have wanted to take part.

How You Can Help

You can help by donating a used guitar or funds. What is needed the most at this time are cash donations. We hope that with your continued support and donations we will be able to send more guitars to more troops while they are stationed away from family and friends.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Robin at 615.672.7733 or email us.

I am writing this to tell you how much I appreciate the guitar you have sent me. When I play music, it takes me out of this war zone and transcends me to brighter place, a safer place. Thank you for allowing me a little escape in dark times. A gift like this is a major boost to my moral that I needed, and I have no idea of how to payback for this thoughtful gift. So I wanted to write you and show my gratitude.

Very respectfully,
Tess A.