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Laurie Williams Signature WhiteBait Ancient Kauri Guitar

Laurie Williams Signature WhiteBait Ancient Kauri Guitar

$ 19,995.00 $ 29,995.00

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2004 Laurie Williams Piwakawka Guitar-on SALE

SN 04091

  • Rare, Williams Signature Whitebait Ancient Kauri timber back & sides - the very highest grade 
  • More about this wood in Laurie's own words: "Thousands of years ago, for reasons that will probably always remain a mystery, some of the kauri forests that grew over much of the North of the North Island of New Zealand were destroyed. These trees were buried under peat swamps where they have remained undisturbed, and well preserved, until recent times. There are differing theories regarding what caused these events but whatever the cause, these trees have been sealed from the air and have been preserved for thousands of years.
    Exactly how many thousands is open to debate but logs have been independently carbon dated from 3,000 to over 45,000 years old depending on the area that it is extracted. It is the oldest workable timber in the world. It is not petrified but can be sawed, planed and turned like many other species, although it can be problematic and experience is required to use it to its full potential in musical instruments."
  • This model name was the precursor to today's Kiwi model
  • Special grade New Zealand Kauri top
  • Ebony fretboard with delicate micro purfling
  • Elaborate tropical reef fretboard inlay with shark & jelly fish & more!
  • CocoBolo bridge & bridge pins
  • Whitebait ancient kauri headstock faceplate with abalone logo
  • Whitebait ancient kauri headstock backplate
  • Gold Gotoh 510 tuning machines with cocobolo buttons
  • CocoBolo bindings, end wedge and heelcap
  • Top, back, side, and endgraft paua abalone micro purflings
  • Abalone rosette & back center strip
  • Laminated neck of native, New Zealand woods
  • Near Mint condition for $29,995.
  • This guitar would sell for $42,000 new today


    NOW $24,900 !!

    big summer sale gif

    NOW $19,995 !

    • Nut Width: 1 3/4"
    • Saddle Spacing: 2 1/4"
    • Scale Length: 24.9"
    • Frets to Body: 14
    • Condition: Used

    Below is a link to show the CHATOYANCE of ancient kauri wood: