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Manzer Nylon String Guitar with Wedge

Manzer Nylon String Guitar with Wedge

$ 12,500.00


Manzer Nylon Jazz Guitar

  • Fine, Indian rosewood back & sides
  • Red Cedar top
  • Venetian cutaway
  • Manzer Wedge gif

  • Linda Manzer body wedge, very comfortable
  • Abalone rosette
  • Clear pickguard
  • B-Band active pickup, with no on-board controls
  • This was an early prototype for renown, jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny. Own a part of history!
  • This is NOT your typical nylon string or classical guitar.  The nut is a comfortable 1 11/16" !! And it works!!  So great for jazz progressions, very enjoyable to play.
  • SN: 10295
  • OHSC included (black TLK-ish Elite series)

  • Condition: Used, Excellent
  • Frets to Body: 14
  • Scale Length: 25.25"
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Saddle string spacing: 2 3/16"

    The Wedge is an original Manzer design innovation: a slight tapering of the guitar body that makes the strings easier for a player to see, and makes the instrument more comfortable to play, while causing no change in the tone.

    Linda implemented the Wedge for the first time in 1984 for the (now famous) Pikasso Guitar designed and built for Pat Metheny. In 1989, Linda gave a speech describing the Wedge to fellow luthiers at the the ASIA Symposium (Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans).

    For the April 1989 edition of EMI (Experimental Musical Instruments Volume 4 #6) Linda did an interview about the Pikasso guitar where she described the Wedge and its origin in detail. Since then, the Wedge has become a standard feature on almost all Manzer Guitars.