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Tortis Faux Tortoiseshell Large Sheet

Tortis Faux Tortoiseshell Large Sheet

$ 74.95


Large Sheet (7.5"x12") Tortis Pickguard Material

Some time ago, John Greven invented a new product. It is a faux tortoiseshell called Tor-tis. This dynamic new polymer material was designed to mimic genuine tortoiseshell in every respect. Not only does it look like real tortoise, it sounds and feels like it too.

These pickguards have a lower specific gravity than traditional plastic pickguards, and this allows them (and the top of your guitar) to vibrate more freely. Many major builders already utilize these pickguards, among them are Collings & Langejans Guitars.

We offer many sizes and colors. Available colors include light, medium, dark, '30's vintage and '50's vintage, Firestripe, black, vintage 60's etc. Actual colors may vary.

The sheets do not have an adhesive backing. The pre-cut pickguards have adhesive backing and bevelled edges.