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William Jeffrey Jones Kronos Guitar

William Jeffrey Jones Kronos Guitar

$ 4,475.00 $ 5,495.00

Kronos Fretless Electric Guitar (used, circa 2008)-SALE

This is the original description of this guitar, and there is just no way we can say it better, so here goes:

Kronos (frequently also spelled "Cronus") was the leader of the Titans and father of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. The origin of the name is unclear and may well be associated with the ancient Indian demon Kroni. All too often, Kronos is confused with Chronos, the personification of time.

This guitar is the next distillation of Jones' Kronos fretless concept which began with the first Kronos built. 

This amazing guitar is a semi-hollow, fretless, 6-string, revised Kronos design. A center block runs down the middle of the body until just beyond the string ends. The rest is completely hollow. Jones even went so far as to carve out the backside of the walnut top for a better acoustic response.

The body is soft maple topped with walnut. The neck is also made of walnut and maple with a katalox fretboard into which is inlaid cocobolo veneer for fretlines.

For fretless guitars, Jones prefers a bolt-on neck joint, mostly because if any maintenance has to be done to the fingerboard, the neck can be easily removed.

You may have noticed that there is no control panel on the back of the guitar. With a simple electronic configuration such as this, Jones prefers to install the controls through the opening made for the jack plate.

Because the bridge is wooden, Jones typically incorporates a brass ground plate to hold the ends of the strings that pass all the way through the body. The brass plate is covered permanently with a walnut inlay. The plate is soldered with a ground wire that is in turn soldered to the cover of the volume pot. 

The bridge is sculpted ebony with a maple saddle. Black metal ferrules on the front of the guitar keep the strings from wearing the walnut top. One of these has been replaced with a close substitute.

For this version of the Kronos, Jones has moved the pickup back toward the bridge to allow for the possibilities of a more treble sound. While Jones loves a neck position pickup, particularly for jazz, this bridge position is a little more versatile. Jones based placement on the premise that highs are easier to remove than add.

As is a common practice for Jones, he incorporated minimal controls - in this case, a single volume pot. There is a 2nd spare, Carved Hoplite helmet - Greek BC-historical helmet, for this volume knob, very cool ! For tone control, he usually relies on a wah-wah pedal or EQ.

A quick word about the finish on this Kronos; Jones is a big Tru-oil user, but for this guitar (and more to come), he's using Danish oil, which is a penetrating oil. It doesn't build a coating like Tru-oil does, but instead, penetrates the wood, then dries there to harden and protect the wood. You're seeing a sheen here, because Jones sands the snot out of his guitars. The last grit Jones used on this instrument was 1200 grit, sanding wet using Danish oil as his lubricant. It's truly smooth

Jones recommends D'Addario half-round strings for fretless guitar. That's not to say that round-wounds aren't perfectly acceptable. The half-rounds though, are quite a bit brighter than flat-wounds. Jones uses a standard set, gauged 013-056, but usually replaces the first and second strings with a .015 and .019 string. The heavier gauge really helps thicken the sound of the higher strings on fretless guitarSince no bending is necessary on fretless guitar, the heavier gauges improve tone at no cost to playability.

The nut is ebony. Jones likes an ebony nut on a fretless instrument, because it means that the tone of the open strings more closely matches that of the fingered strings.

Specifications -

  • Body: semi-hollow soft maple w/ walnut top
  • Neck: walnut w/maple, drop-down 3x3 headstock, dual-action truss rod
  • Fretboard: fretless katalox w/sapwood, 24 frets, 12" radius, cocobolo slots
  • Nut: graphite, 1.70" width
  • Pickups: single Kent Armstrong humbucker, covered
  • Switching: volume control only
  • Bridge: sculpted ebony floating bridge w/hard maple saddle
  • Tuning Machines: Black Winkinson 3x3
  • Finish: Tru-oil over all

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