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Our Products

About Guitar Gallery

Guitar Gallery specializes in the sale of fine, acoustic stringed instruments. We offer mainly high end, handmade acoustic guitars, we cater to the discerning musician in search of exceptional tone, craftsmanship, and playability. As you browse, you can both see and hear handcrafted acoustic guitars from all over the world—available for immediate purchase.

We Are An Authorized Dealer For

Alden, Applegate guitars, ARK New Era guitars, BC Kingston guitars, Bashkin guitars, Beardsell acoustic guitars, Beauregard guitars, Beneteau guitars, Berkowitz guitars, Tom Bills guitars, Blanchard guitars, Borges guitars, Branzell guitars, Brondel guitars, Leonardo Buendia, Claxton, Doerr guitars, Mervyn Davis Luthiers guitars, DT Guitars, Dudenbostel acoustic guitars, Ensor guitars, Evergreen Mountain Instruments, Fay guitars, Flammang guitars, Franklin guitars, Froggy Bottom guitars, Fylde guitars, Galloup guitars, Gerber, Greenfield guitars, Greven guitars, Hewett guitars, Hoffman, Huss & Dalton guitars, Kevin Michael Guitars, Isaac Jang guitars, Johnson guitars and resonators, Dave King Acoustics, Josh Williams, Keystone, Kinscherff guitars, Jason Kostal guitars, Raymond Kraut, Lame Horse guitars, Langejans guitars, George Lowden guitars, Lichty guitars, The Loar, Lucas guitars, McAlister, McPherson guitars, Maingard guitars, Mannix acoustic guitars, Moll Instruments, Moonstone guitars, Mustapick, NK Forster, Neomi guitars, Nickerson guitars, Olson, Osthoff, Oxblood, Perry guitars, Petros guitars, Poling guitars, Radicic classicals, Rainsong Graphite Guitars, RS Muth guitars, Rasmussen, Recording King guitars, David Antony Reid guitars, Thomas Rein classical and steel string guitars Ribbecke archtops, Kevin Ryan guitars, Tom Sands, Sharp guitars, Sexauer Guitars, Strahm guitars, St. Blues electric guitars, Somogyi guitars, T Drew Heinonen, Thompson guitars, Thorell, Judy Threet guitars, Tippin guitars, Tony Vines guitars, The Loar, Walker guitars, Laurie Williams guitars, Kathy Wingert guitars, Zimnicki Archtops & Guitars.

Fine Strings

We carry the following fine strings Newtone, D'Addario, Elixir, Cleartone, Thomastik-Infeld, DR, John Pearse, and Martin strings.


As well as many other fine accessories like Levy's Leather straps, Long Hollow guitar straps, & SEE Native American straps, Monster Products, Virtuoso and Martin polish, Planet Waves humidifiers and bridge pins, Fishman amps, Hercules stands, Calton, Cedar Creek and Karura guitar cases, Peterson tuners, ReUnion Blues gigbags, Zoom, Samson, B-Band pickups, LR Baggs, K&K Sound, Tone Rite etc., etc., etc.

Used Instruments

We also carry fine used instruments by Olson, Martin, Fay guitars, Gibson, Henderson guitars, Hamblin guitars, Alberico guitars, Arnold guitars, Baranik, Bown, Bourgeois guitars, Breedlove, Klein guitars, Collings, Gretsch, Hopkins archtops, Hemken, House guitars, Hill Guitar Company, Sobell, Taylor guitars, Traugott, Kim Walker, Leach, Merrill guitars, National resonators, Santa Cruz guitars, Goodall, Larrivee', Schwartz guitars, Fender, Baker, Melancon, Veilette, Woolson guitars etc.

Our Recordings

We record our instruments to give you, the client, a sense of their sound, soul, and ability to speak with different styles of play. We try to place the microphones consistently in an X position about 15-18" in front of the guitar/mandolin/resonator/whatever - (2 Shure SM81 condenser mics), NO EQ, No effects - except when mentioned on electric guitars. Recordings are acoustic unless indicated otherwise.