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McPherson Sable Carbon Fiber Guitars July 30, 2022

McPherson's Off the Beaten Path Carbon Fiber Sable Guitar

The 1st thing you might notice, aside from the Off-set sound Hole- is the variety of tops you may choose from. The Standard (a very tight weave pattern), the Honeycomb (sort of explains itself), and our favorite, the Black Camo. Subtle - very cool. 

Next the Blackout theme. If you order the black tuners (Gotoh 510's - Very good tuners), the only flecks of light are the MOP headstock logo & 12th fret inlay and the Gold EVO fret wires.  So dark, so handsome!  (Gold tuners are another option.)

Then, in keeping with McPherson's form, you will find a Florentine cutaway, followed by an LR Baggs active Pickup. Lastly, let's not forget that cantilevered neck.  It's Super important as it allows the carbon fiber top to vibrate freely. 

This makes for a top that is super Alive and responsive.  The tone of the McPherson Sable guitar is very satisfying and clear.  Bell-like at times. Definitely not what one would expect. BOLD.

The best part of all, for gigging musicians is that the SABLE is impervious to humidity and temperature, unlike standard wooden guitars.  No tuning after each song on stage.  These guitars are Warriors and will Get the Job Done.  Period.

These fantastic guitars are Always in stock at GUITAR GALLERY.

3 Cheers for Froggy Bottom Guitars May 14, 2022

Froggy Bottom guitar

Let's face it folks, experience matters~

Michael Millard and his fellow luthiers have been handcrafting fine acoustic guitars for over 50 years now. 

We won't go into the story of how Michael starting building guitars or who mentored who along the way. What we will say is that Froggy Bottom guitars are some of the finest handmade acoustic guitars available today. 

And, for the amount of expertise, patience, heart & care that go into creating each guitar, they are also a great value. 

We have been offering Froggy Bottom guitars at Guitar Gallery for 25 years and find them to be consistently Outstanding Guitars, with a signature Tone, all their own.

Curious? Visit our current inventory of Froggy Bottom guitars: 






Greenfield C1 Concert Classical Guitar April 26, 2022


It is not often we receive a used Greenfield guitar to market. And even more rare still, a beautiful classical guitar.

In near mint condition. 

This guitar evokes emotion from the first pluck of a string. It has a massive presence.  Possibly due, in part, to its elevated fretboard. Or maybe it is the cantilevered top arm rest that lets the top vibrate freely. Or maybe it's the Carbon graphite flying buttress tube support system! 

We are convinced, once you play this guitar, you will never look back.  Here's the link where you can find all the details and listen to sound samples as well.


Christmas Time at Guitar Gallery December 24, 2020

We hope you have a safe, healthy, & joyful Holiday Season. Please take time to either play, listen to, or create some music. It's good for the soul. Click for more.....

New SFT Technology from RainSong Guitars October 23, 2020

Here at Guitar Gallery, we like to keep things simple.  And natural.  And beautiful.  And excellent.

We find our partners at RainSong have similar taste.

Enter the latest development in carbon fiber guitars.  The SFT or "Soundboard Fusion Technology" top from RainSong Guitars.  To keep our explanation simple, they have fused together a unidirectional Carbon top with a Spruce top.

The result? Visual & Sonic Excellence. 

We think you'll agree.  Available with a vintage toned top, or sunburst in a variety of models and sizes from the RainSong lineup.

Please Click Here to see our current stock.


Just Listen to how Great these sound!

USPS & FEDEX Shipping Delays during COVID 19 Pandemic August 19, 2020

Dear Much Appreciated Customer,

We trust you and yours are safe and well during this COVID 19 pandemic.  We just wanted to mention that we are busy working daily to fill and ship your orders.

We are asking your patience, because even when we ship same day or the next, the delivery services are not able to keep up with their usual delivery schedules to which we have all become accustom.

Also, we are finding that sometimes the scans show the creation of a shipping label, and no further information until delivery. Please know that we shipped the product, even if it is not scanning.

Also, in an effort to get your purchases to you in the most efficient manner, we may use an alternate shipping method, with No additional charge to you.

Here is a notice that you find on USPS.COM today. And another from FEDEX.

We will get through this, let's be kind to one another.

usps delivery notice

fedex delivery notice

Guitar Gallery is Open for Business for Online Orders April 19, 2020

open animation

Guitar Gallery is Open for Business for Online Orders

Jonas Dahoueto - Another Fraudulent Buyer March 23, 2020

Sellers beware of a person from Dubai going by "Jonas Dahoueto" with an email of "joonas@fastservice.com".


Walk away.

Do not give your bank details for wire transfer. 

Do not waste your time. Please listen.