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3 Cheers for Froggy Bottom Guitars May 14, 2022

Froggy Bottom guitar

Let's face it folks, experience matters~

Michael Millard and his fellow luthiers have been handcrafting fine acoustic guitars for over 50 years now. 

We won't go into the story of how Michael starting building guitars or who mentored who along the way. What we will say is that Froggy Bottom guitars are some of the finest handmade acoustic guitars available today. 

And, for the amount of expertise, patience, heart & care that go into creating each guitar, they are also a great value. 

We have been offering Froggy Bottom guitars at Guitar Gallery for 25 years and find them to be consistently Outstanding Guitars, with a signature Tone, all their own.

Curious? Visit our current inventory of Froggy Bottom guitars: