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McPherson Sable Carbon Fiber Guitars July 30, 2022

McPherson's Off the Beaten Path Carbon Fiber Sable Guitar

The 1st thing you might notice, aside from the Off-set sound Hole- is the variety of tops you may choose from. The Standard (a very tight weave pattern), the Honeycomb (sort of explains itself), and our favorite, the Black Camo. Subtle - very cool. 

Next the Blackout theme. If you order the black tuners (Gotoh 510's - Very good tuners), the only flecks of light are the MOP headstock logo & 12th fret inlay and the Gold EVO fret wires.  So dark, so handsome!  (Gold tuners are another option.)

Then, in keeping with McPherson's form, you will find a Florentine cutaway, followed by an LR Baggs active Pickup. Lastly, let's not forget that cantilevered neck.  It's Super important as it allows the carbon fiber top to vibrate freely. 

This makes for a top that is super Alive and responsive.  The tone of the McPherson Sable guitar is very satisfying and clear.  Bell-like at times. Definitely not what one would expect. BOLD.

The best part of all, for gigging musicians is that the SABLE is impervious to humidity and temperature, unlike standard wooden guitars.  No tuning after each song on stage.  These guitars are Warriors and will Get the Job Done.  Period.

These fantastic guitars are Always in stock at GUITAR GALLERY.