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John Pearse Lil Nipper

John Pearse Lil Nipper

$ 12.95


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John Pearse Lil Nipper

Literally NO ONE likes to change strings! But, sometimes, you just have to do it! John Pearse literally "played" with this design for over twenty years! Here is a string winder which operates LATERALLY...its movement is PARALLEL to the headstock! If it should slip, it will not DING the headstock! And, more importantly, your wrist is never flexed or strained so it does not contribute to Repetitive Strain Wrist Injury!

One of the best things about the Li'l Nipper™ is that it folds up into a compact, smooth shape which is easily stored in a pocket or in the accessory compartment of your case. It is made from Space Age TOLVAR which is incredibly strong and incredibly light!!

Another great thing about the Li'l Nipper™ is that you can have it in your guitar case on an airline and not have it confiscated!  

Works on 12 strings, mandolins, banjos, acoustic & electric guitars.