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McKnight Mini Mac Sunburst Guitar

McKnight Mini Mac Sunburst Guitar

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McKnight  Mini Mac Guitar (used, 2009) - SOLD

The Theme is North American Tonewoods

  • Beautiful figured Maple back & sides
  • The back is from a very unusual log that contains all three figures (curl, quilt and Birdseye). The sawyer said it's the only log that he had encountered in his 50+ years in the business.
  • Red Cedar top
  • The inner Rosewood back is from a rare US domestic Dalbergia tree from Florida !
  • Full Body sensational sunburst
  • Cherry neck
  • Arizona Mesquite fretboard & bridge
  • Fossilized Ivory bridge pins
  • Chrome Goton 510 tuning machines with ebony buttons
  • The rosette is from off-cuts salvaged from the back’s waist
  • Curly Maple bindings
  • Tea stained bone nut & saddle
  • You may have seen this guitar in the ToneRite Ads!
  • Near mint condition, there is one blemish just below the bridge that the original owner says has been there from the beginning
  • SN: 112-0209-0709-MM
  • Original Guardian light flight case included
  • This guitar is all about a super RICH and Warm Tone!
  • We attribute the tone to Tim's "Hollow Back" design:
  • In his own words-

  • My new back design uses two backs, an outer back and an inner back. When you look into the sound hole you will not see any back braces, instead you will see a very smooth and clean reflective inner back surface.

    The conventional back uses a series of braces glued to the back to maintain the arch of the back. The basic back design has not changed much in over a hundred years. Luthiers knew there were gains to be had in tuning the back to be slightly out of phase with the top. We have played with back thicknesses and altered the bracing patterns to try to get more active coupling action with the top or went to the opposite extreme of making the back thicker and stiffer to act as a passive reflector.

    When the player holds the guitar away from their body the back is free to vibrate and actively couple with the top. Classical players have known and used this technique for years but it has been slow to catch on in the steel string circles. However, when the player holds the guitar’s back against their body the back is dampened and the back becomes inactive and acts as a passive and inefficient reflector.

    Enter – The McKnight “HOLLOW BACK” design: The player can hold the outer back away from [or] against their body and the INNER back is still free to vibrate. It is not affected by the outer back being dampened by the player’s body. The inner back is separated from the outer back by a unique internal bracing pattern that provides the structural strength to maintain and support the outer back arch and it still allows the inner back to freely vibrate.

    OK, enough of the technical stuff – What is the benefit for me as a player? More volume, power, projection and sustain with the same amount of string attack. The inner back surface is extremely smooth and there are no braces on the surface to impede vibrating air molecules. The McKnight “HOLLOW BACK” is simply more efficient with less power loss as compared to a conventional braced back design.

  • Condition: Used, Near mint
  • Frets to body: 14
  • Scale Length: 25.4"
  • Nut width: 1 3/4"
  • Saddle Spacing: 2 1/4"
  • Cutaway: Venetian