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Meeting the Makers - Softcover Book

Meeting the Makers - Softcover Book

$ 34.95

John Fellman’s book, Meeting the Makers:

Minnesota’s Finest Guitar Builders, is a beautiful book. An invitation to peek over the shoulders of Minnesota’s guitar builders, Johns photographs present rarely seen glimpses into the brilliant world of true craftsman and their process.

The photos are intimate, well-thought-out punctuations to a deeper conversation which unfolds in John’s sensitive narrative. Both warm and informative, the stories here will make you feel like you’ve spent an afternoon over coffee with each man represented.

Although I found out more about why I feel power and presence when I get to play any one of these instruments as a result of this book, to say that is all that is offered here would be to sell it short.

If you love craft, imagination and a good conversation, this book will be a treasure for you