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Rasmussen model C "Match King" Guitar

Rasmussen model C "Match King" Guitar

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Lar Rasmussen Model C, Guitar Gallery 20th Anniversary, Match King Guitar

  • Extremely awesome, Honduran Mahogany back & sides, salvaged from a vintage Mahogany boat
  • Mastergrade Italian spruce top
  • Hot Hide Glue construction
  • Oil Varnish finish
  • Meticulous attention to detail, note the bevel on the headstock
  • Ebony fretboard (bound)
  • Custom Hiscox flight case
  • In Lars Rasmussen's own words:

    The story of this guitar starts in 1913, when Ivar Kreuger - 'The Match King' ordered 'Loris', a 50 ft motor yacht made out of Cuban and Honduran mahogany. 

    Ivar Kreuger was one of the most successful businessmen of his time, holding a 80% worldwide monopoly on safety matches. His business model was simple, giving loans to governments in exchange for matchstick monopoly. By the late 1920's, he was ranked the richest man in the world. 

    In 1913, he placed an order for "Loris", a 50ft motor yacht that he used to travel between Stockholm and his summer residence in the archipelago outside Stockholm. After his death in 1932, the boat was sold at auction, traded several times, sunk and rescued before she was found as a wreck by its current owner in 1992.

    He carefully restored her into her former glory, among other things he had to replace parts of the mahogany deck. 
    The old pieces were saved and in 2007 he contacted me to commission two guitars made from the old mahogany. These were my first commissions, and as a 10th anniversary guitar, i have, with his permission, built this third "Loris"-guitar. I named it The Match King.

    This guitar was commissioned by Guitar Gallery and I'm honored to present it as one of their 20th anniversary series guitars.