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Taylor T5 Custom Hybrid Guitar

Taylor T5 Custom Hybrid Guitar

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2005 Taylor T5 Thinline Custom Guitar 

  • Flamed Koa top on this Taylor hollow body guitar
  • Sapele body
  • Ebony fretboard with MOP "spires" inlays
  • Top mounted volume control & 2 active preamp/EQ tone controls
  • White bindings with B-W-B purling lines
  • Shaded edge burst, on the gorgeous koa top
  • Gold hardware
  • T5 deluxe, brown hardshell case
  • Here's the official description by Taylor Guitars:
  • Three-plus decades of acoustic expertise informed the way we shaped the hollow body hybrid T5. You can hear the tonal character before you even plug it in. The T5 features a fully hollow body and an active soundboard with a compound radius. The top is a flat piece of wood braced into an arch to capture the acoustic resonance. The f-holes in the top were specially designed and voiced to further enhance the resonance of the body chamber, and to allow the top to breathe in relation to the player’s dynamic attack.

    Despite the f-holes and the slight arch in the top, the T5 is not an archtop guitar. Its acoustic tone is more akin to a flattop style of sound, as opposed to a carved top instrument like a violin, viola, archtop guitar, or mandolin.

  • Gold Taylor hardware and 5-Way Taylor pickup:
  • OHSC included
  • SN 20050505509
  • Near mint condition
  • 5 way switch on the side performs the following functions:
  • Position 1: Neck humbucker and body sensor

    The position closest to the neck, this is the cleanest, most acoustic voice of the T5. If you dig in a bit, the body sensor responds with all of the snap and sizzle you need.

    Position 2: Neck humbucker only

    Without the body sensor, the tone will sound warmer and rounder. Rolling back the treble darkens the tone and is great for comping along with a big-band.

    Position 3: Bridge humbucker

    With a chameleon-like quality, this is the most powerful and versatile pickup on the T5. Whether you’re playing through an acoustic amp/PA or an electric amp, the tone can range from bright acoustic to solid-body snap ’n‘ twang to high-gain overdrive, and all points in-between. Add an overdrive pedal to the equation on the electric amp side for even more rock horsepower.

    Position 4: Neck and bridge humbuckers in parallel

    This will take you back to ’50s hollowbody world, or add some chorus for a big, wet, clean L.A. tone, a la Michael Landau.

    Position 5: Neck and bridge in series

    This will give you the fullest, fattest sound, ideal for players who like thick leads. You can also play with the voicing’s mood, using the Volume control.


     SALE Price $1750!!

  • Scale Length: 24 7/8"
  • Nut width: 1 11/16"
  • Only the Last Track has effects on it