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Tonerite for Guitar

Tonerite for Guitar

$ 149.00


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These 3rd generation models are hot off the press and represent the newest and most advanced ToneRite® yet. The third generation can be used equally well on steel or nylon string acoustics as well as archtops and hollowbodies!
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How does the ToneRite® work?

In a general sense, the ToneRite® works by releasing the inherent stress in the instrument by de-dampening.  Fine acoustic instruments are crafted from many pieces of wood and material glued and bound together.  This system naturally has tension built into it. Over time, the tension naturally gets worse due to entropy.  Luckily, by playing the instrument, we naturally relieve some of this tension and our instruments start to resonate more causing increased volume, tone, balance and playability.

Tonerite's research and development is based on two questions that govern the play-in process.

  1. What energy needs to be transferred to an instrument to successfully played-in? The ToneRite® uses a specific set of frequencies that we have found to be successful in acoustic instruments.  To generate this energy, the ToneRite® simply needs to be plugged into the wall.  There are no buttons or fuss; it's simple.
  2. How can that energy be efficiently transferred, such that the smallest amount off loss occurs via sound and heat? From the ground up, the ToneRite® has been specifically designed with efficiency and safety in mind.  The material used is extremely capable of transferring energy and insulating heat.  By using proper advanced mechanical engineering, the ToneRite® feet have been designed for maximum efficiency.  The result is safe, quiet, and efficient vibrational energy transfer.

Is there a difference between the 'play-in' and 'aging' process in instruments?

Absolutely.  One of the biggest misconceptions we run across is that the ToneRite is artificially 'aging' the wood in an instrument.  It is not.

The play-in process and the aging process are two distinct processes that both involve their own physical systems. To put this clearly...

1. The Play-In Process: The Play-In process involves the individual components of an instrument learning to resonate as a whole instead of against one another destructively.  This process occurs due to vibrational energy that effectively transfers into the instrument to de-dampen it.  The result of this process is added volume, resonance, dynamic range, playability, etc

2. The Aging Process: While not very well understood, the hypothesized aging process in acoustic instruments involves the structure and materials of the individual components of an instrument.  Whether it is the crystalline structure of wood, the loss of glue material, or anything else—the aging process is separate from the play-in process.  Also, aging on its own will not produce a good sounding instrument.  An instrument left fallow for a period of time without being played will produce a closed and stiff sounding instrument

People ask, "If I play my guitar all the time, why should I purchase the ToneRite®?"

It takes the average acoustic instrument 30-40 years of constantly being played-in in order to become “broken in” or toned properly. The first treatment of 72-144 hours with the ToneRite® accomplishes this task, a feat that is humanly impossible.

What's the Dial About?

The control dial allows for accurate control of the vibrational energy that the ToneRite® produces. The fuller setting is ideal for increased volume, resonance, and play­ability. The more gentle setting is perfect for discovering more nuanced tones, waking/warming up instruments, and sweeter harmonics.

FREE Shipping in the USA continental ! And- 2 FREE Sets of acoustic guitar strings with each purchase! If the shopping cart Adds shipping, we will Remove it when processing your order.

Support and Warranties

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Tonerite provide a full 30-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason a customer wishes to return their ToneRite®, Tonerite will issue a full refund, no questions asked.

3-Year Full Warranty

Unlike most companies, ToneRite® provides a FULL manufacturer’s warranty. This means that the warranty:

  • is transferable
  • is provided at no cost
  • provides a free replacement if the product needs to be repaired due to a manufacturing defect