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Guitars headed to Guitar Gallery September 23, 2015

Sooooo many good guitars are arriving in the next few weeks here at Guitar Gallery.  Lets just list a few off for you:

  • Used Collings "Dog Hair" electric guitar
  •  Used Taylor Kathy Mattea Signature model guitar
  • Used Froggy Bottom Madagascar rosewood Parlor guitar
  • Used Martin HDN "Negative" dreadnought guitar
  • Used Beardsell 2D guitar
  • Used Galloup Northern Light Brazilian rosewood guitar
  • Used Greven F Myrtlewood guitar
  • Used John David Scott OM guitar
  • Used custom Leach with Tiger fretboard inlays
  • Used Leach Tom Bresh Legacy guitar with Redwood top
  • Used black Santa Cruz H A/E guitar
  • Used black Rickenbacker electric
  • Used Taylor K-22 guitar

There's more, but I think I'll stop there for now!