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What's New at Guitar Gallery June 01, 2016

Guitars en route or in processing for Guitar Gallery:

Mustapick Fan Fret Brazilian rosewood OM cutaway

New Lowden F50c African Blackwood/Alpine spruce with bevel

Greven 000-12 Brazilian rosewood

Martin Concept Guitar

Applegate SJ in Madagascar rosewood/Cedar

A Calton case D with Pollock finish!

Guitars En Route to Guitar Gallery March 23, 2016

Thorell FV archtop

1st, we have the above pictured, previously enjoyed Ryan Thorell, 2011 FV model archtop.  Can't wait !

Also, we have a new Greenfield G3, a used Froggy Bottom M Brazilian rswd guitar, a PRS Angelus, an awesome DBJC signature African Blackwood guitar, and a lefty Greenfield G4 (used).  Many more to follow, follow us on FB to keep current at www.facebook.com/guitargal.net.

Guitars en route to Guitar Gallery March 15, 2016

We have some sweet guitars headed our way:

A new Greenfield G3 guitar with sinker mahogany

A 2009 PRS Angelus guitar in Cocobolo/European spruce

A Ltd Ed, white pearl Rainsong RS1-LE carbon graphite guitar

A used Bown OM in Ziricote

The 200,000 Martin guitar built, dubbed "Duende" in Brazilian rosewood

A used Froggy Bottom model M in Brazilian rosewood

A TD Heinonen Parlor guitar (the size of a Terz)

Guitars Coming Soon to Guitar Gallery February 20, 2016

We are looking forward to posting these guitars to our web site soon:

Slightly used Froggy Bottom 12 string cutaway guitar

Wonderfully preserved Olson SJ guitar

New Greenfield GF guitar

New Lowden Pierre Bensusan guitar

Great, previously enjoyed Indian Hill guitar, Charis SJ cutaway, & Goodall RCJc !



Branzell Tone Top 13 Fret Guitar January 15, 2016

Coming Soon to our Gallery is a Branzell Tone Top guitar with Old Growth Brazilian rosewood back & sides.  The delicious, spider webbed figure kind we all dream of.  It will feature a fine Adirondack Spruce top. The headstock has a stunning torch inlay. Can't Wait !!



Guitars Coming Soon to Guitar Gallery December 23, 2015

So many great guitars come through our Gallery.  Here's a few on the horizon.  A New Lowden S32J with Alpine spruce top and Fishman pickup. A previously enjoyed Tippin Staccato with Pink Ivory back & sides and an Art Deco theme. A vintage Fender Jazzmaster. An Olson SJ cutaway with Cedar top and dove inlays. A used Goodall CJ.  A new Tony Vines SL guitar with African Blackwood back & sides. A used Greenfield GF guitar. Sa-Weet!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Coming Soon to Guitar Gallery December 13, 2015

Guitars headed our way next are a new Tony Vines guitar, model SL with African Blackwood back & sides and a Lutz Spruce top.

Also a used Olson SJ cutaway with snowflake fretboard inlays.  Indian rosewood back & sides and Cedar top. Florentine cutaway.

And, we are getting a 1965 vintage Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar.  And a used Greenfield GF guitar, and lastly a used Tippin Crescendo with Cuban Mahogany back & sides.

coming soon graphic 

Guitars Coming Soon to Guitar Gallery December 02, 2015


Some sweet guitars headed our way include:

a very special 2014 Greenfield G4.2 DADGAD guitar with reserve grade THE TREE Mahogany back & sides, fan frets, 2 bevels and just about every other upgrade Michael offers.

a recent John Osthoff parlor guitar

a 1996 Olson SJ cutaway with dove inlays, calton case

a used Goodall guitar

a new Tony Vines SL guitar