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Coming Soon- Square Deal 0 October 28, 2015

Madagascar Rosewood single 0 size guitar from Square Deal Guitars is about 4 weeks out !

Guitars Approaching Guitar Gallery October 22, 2015

These include:

A used Somogyi Classical

A used Traugott 00 Brazilian rosewood guitar

A new Froggy Bottom H12 dlx Madagascar rosewood guitar

A new Nashville Guitar Co. parlor guitar (Brazilian rosewood)

A used Beardsell guitar

A used Bourgeois OM Varnish guitar (Brazilian)

A used Bourgeois SJ guitar (Brazilian)

A used Taylor electric guitar

A McGill Super Ace prototype nylon string guitar

A used Froggy Bottom P14 (Brazilian rosewood)

A new McPherson Madagascar/Redwood with Celtic inlays

A used mini Martin or Terz guitar

Coming Soon to Guitar Gallery October 08, 2015

Guitars already here, yet to be processed are:

  • New Kostal 00 Brazilian rosewood
  • Used McGill prototype nylon string Super Ace guitar
  • Used Froggy Bottom P14 Brazilian rosewood "42" style guitar
  • Used Santa Cruz spotted Sycamore model F guitar
  • Used Gibson Howard Roberts archtop
  • Used Santa Cruz Indian rosewood BB Baritone
  • New NGC single 0 Brazilian rosewood guitar
  • Used Bozo Maple archtop - very ornate!
  • UsedMcCollum Sapele D with slotted headstock
  • Used McAlister 000-45 style, Brazilian rosewood guitar

  • Guitar Gallery Recent Additions October 01, 2015

    So, yesterday in the studio we recorded a Merv Davis Smoothtalker, a new Laurie Williams African Blackwood/sinker Redwood Kiwi guitar, a used David White guitar, a Rickenbacker electric, a teal D'Angelico New Yorker archtop, a Kathy Mattea Taylor Signature Model black guitar, a used Froggy Bottom Madagascar rosewood Parlor and another that escapes my memory.  These will be appearing online soon!  Oh yeah, a custom Leach Koa guitar with magnificent Tiger inlay work was the last one! This picture is a Kingfisher on our new Laurie Williams Kiwi guitar.

    Laurie Williams Kingfisher Inlay

    Guitars headed to Guitar Gallery September 23, 2015

    Sooooo many good guitars are arriving in the next few weeks here at Guitar Gallery.  Lets just list a few off for you:

    • Used Collings "Dog Hair" electric guitar
    •  Used Taylor Kathy Mattea Signature model guitar
    • Used Froggy Bottom Madagascar rosewood Parlor guitar
    • Used Martin HDN "Negative" dreadnought guitar
    • Used Beardsell 2D guitar
    • Used Galloup Northern Light Brazilian rosewood guitar
    • Used Greven F Myrtlewood guitar
    • Used John David Scott OM guitar
    • Used custom Leach with Tiger fretboard inlays
    • Used Leach Tom Bresh Legacy guitar with Redwood top
    • Used black Santa Cruz H A/E guitar
    • Used black Rickenbacker electric
    • Used Taylor K-22 guitar

    There's more, but I think I'll stop there for now!


    New Arrivals at Guitar Gallery September 15, 2015

    Here's what's headed our way next:

    Dupont guitar, made in France

    A Martin HDN (Negative Ltd Edition Guitar)

    Hewett Brazilian rosewood OM 

    Taylor Doyle Dykes Signature Model (orange!)

    Gibson L-5 Studio archtop in Cherry Red with an Uber Cool pickguard!

    Froggy Bottom All Koa H12 deluxe guitar

    Leach Tom Bresh model guitar!

    Taylor Kathy Mattea transparent black guitar

    Smoothtalker by Merv Davis coming Soon! September 09, 2015

    Ours is not a lefty, but what a great shot of a Mervyn Davis Smoothtalker guitar in action!

    We have a used one headed our way.

    New Laurie Williams Kiwi Guitar Coming Soon September 03, 2015

    We eagerly await our next Laurie Williams guitar with African Blackwood back & sides!