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Good Things Said: Michael Greenfield on Guitar Gallery May 05, 2018

While exhibiting at a guitar show back in 1997, I met a woman who was to become my first and oldest guitar dealer. As a relatively new builder, I was over the moon to have been taken on. Remembering that the internet was barely even a thing back then; nor were “Guitar Galleries”. The truth is that guitarmakers were barely a thing back then. 
Well, more than 20 years have passed and I am again honoured by Guitar Gallery. I was commissioned to craft a 20th anniversary model for the occasion. The honour of being represented by Robin Weber all these years became even more humbling as I now realize, Greenfield Guitars was among the first few makers in her stable (pun intended 🐎). A handful of makers carefully curated. I had no idea. 
So here she is! I am very proud of this instrument. In my obsessive quest for tone, this guitar is as close as I have come to date (of course, I will always be looking toward “the next one”). Beyond her voice, she feels great and is effortless to play. Oh yeah, she’s not too hard on the eyes either 😉
Thank you Robin, for representing my craft and for helping so many to discover my work. These 20 years have been a thrill!