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Telephone (813) 364-2628 = GUITAR THIEF June 10, 2018

We are sorry to say, fraud is rampant in the guitar industry.  The owner of this telephone #, stole someone else's identity, to fraudulently purchase a Gretsch Duo Jet, Black Electric guitar from us. SN JT03064152.

We found out after the fact that this telephone # is associated with similar thefts he perpetrated against other Music Stores.

So if anyone with the # contacts you, do not Waste your time, so matter how real he sounds. He is a Thief. 

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Good Things Said: Michael Greenfield on Guitar Gallery May 05, 2018

The honor of being represented by Robin Weber all these years became even more humbling as I now realize, Greenfield Guitars was among the first few makers in her stable (pun intended 🐎).  A handful of makers carefully curated.

Chris Ensor Guitars at Guitar Gallery April 13, 2018

His (Chris Ensor's) work is tidy and elegant. He chooses premium woods that not only look stunning, but have glorious tap tone to boot.

Good Things Said: Guitar Gallery February 26, 2018

I just want to thank you for curating such nice guitars.... Every time I play one of them it is as if for the first time, my joy is refreshed, my delight is enlivened, and my gratitude is great.

Old News that is Still Relevant ! January 30, 2018

He (Jack Needham) believes that his holistic approach makes his handmade guitars special. "There's not one magic thing that makes it great. It's 50 little details that interact together."