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ToneRite for Guitar August 20, 2017


We are big supporters of the ToneRite product at Guitar Gallery.  These are great to use on guitars that have sat in the case for a while, and not been played.  Put the ToneRite in the strings, turn it on and walk away.  Seriously, come back in 4-5 days and your guitar is "awake" again.

It is also helpful with some new guitars, that just seem to be a bit still.  The constant vibration of the ToneRite unit, loosens the guitar top up on a molecular level.  You can actually hear a difference in the sound.  The tone is more robust, the sound louder and more interesting.

We heartily recommend trying a ToneRite on your guitar. You will not regret it!

We offer the ToneRite at $149 with free shipping in the U.S. continental. Here's a quick link for more info:

Click Here