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Recording at Guitar Gallery January 17, 2009

Click HERE to Hear this Allan Beardsell 2G acoustic guitar recording by Markham Brown  -  About every 2 weeks or so, we record a short 30-60 second mp3 of the newly arrived guitars at our small retail shop.  This process depends heavily on the expertise of the folks who play for us. We use about 5 in all, in different seasons, but our mainstay that we can always count on for availability and super clean, yet inspiring chops is Markham Brown. His touch is so clean, that the listener is not distracted by what the player is doing, but rather, gets to enjoy the music he & the instrument are making together.  My job is to push the "record" button.  Pretty hi-tech, huh??  But the results are impressive.  Just click on the hyperlink at the top of this post to listen.