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Winter 2011 June 23, 2015

Memo:  Hint, hint . . . I sure would love a gift I will actually use  . . .



Although we are VERY green as a company, (as some of you know judging by the packing in our boxes) we are advocates to "raze the re-gifting rut." We figure ~ who needs more bath oil and another mug warmer?  So this year, we are on a mission to help you become "re-gift free," as both the giver and the receiver. 


Here are "wish-list"  fav's,  you might want to add to your own list.


Loudbox Mini Acoustic Instrument Amplifier   


LoudBox Mini 



This amp is robust, it's versatile, it's light and it's tough.  Our guitars sound amazing through this box. The word "mini" is a bit misleading, because although it is small and light, it packs a serious punch sonically. The Loudbox Mini is tight and clean at  60Watts.  There are two channels featuring Fishman’s legendary preamp and tone control designs, plus digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel and reverb for the microphone channel. It also has an MP3 input and balanced XLR D.I. output – great for jamming along or capturing your performances. 


Open mic night is every night in Nashville.  This amp is perfect for those situations as well.  It can cover a small room by itself easily, with great broad EQ-ing abilities for room compensation. And because it is light, you won't be breaking a sweat going from your car to the stage.


It retails for 299.00 normally, but if you call, we will give a "brother-in-law" Holiday price. 


LR Baggs PreAmp Venue Pedal




LR Baggs Venue PreAmp Pedal



What do my $300.00 Factory Takamine and my $7500.00 Bashkin have in common? The ability to sound great in any situtation-with this Baggs Premp Pedal, that is.  It is specifically designed for acoustic instruments.


The Bashkin?  A dream.  I set the 5 band EQ with tunable low-mid and high-mid bands to stay transparent, letting my Bashkin guitar do all the work.  Still, the mute/chromatic tuner with the BIG digital readout gets a workout, along with the boost feature, which allows my light fingerpicking songs to automatically match the louder stuff.  The phase inverter keeps me free from nasty ground loops as well but I have to say, on a majority of the gigs I do, I find myself loving the Garrett Null notch filter for those frequencies the sound man just cant seem to subtly adjust when it comes to feedback.  I find it, notch it on the pedal and give him all the credit.


When it comes to the Takamine, the 3 in one Venue Pedal does some magic heavy lifting.  That same EQ, transparent for the Bashkin, but fully customizable to the Tak, rounds out the factory pick-up in a way that makes people consistently ask about the "upgrade," and the "pedals" I'm using.  In short, it makes my Tak sound simply above its pay grade, warm and full.


This PreAmp D.I. is more versatile and better sounding than any one I have ever used over the past 25 years of playing out.  It is also a work horse in the studio, and we've used it with a variety of instruments.  It makes everything sound great.


In short, consider this a tuxedo for an every day player and protector of the higher end instruments you play.  It can make anything sound legitimately great, and it doesn't get in the way of those guitars that don't need anything.



$299.00 every day, but if your brother calls and asks for a break, we'll give him one, just for the Holidays, as long as he promises NOT to get you soap-on-a-rope everagain.


Colorado Case Covers


Colorado Insulated Case Cover





These premium case covers are designed to provide an R8 insulation and complete protection from the weather. They're made from 1000 denier Dupont Cordura and come with a lifetime warranty. 


This is one sure way to keep your guitar protected, no matter what the situation. It  features a large pleated pocket and a Cordura handle flap for a complete seal. These covers are made in silver with black piping, and MADE IN THE USA. 


They come in various sizes for regular TKL or Cedar Creek style cases OR, the jumbo size fits J-200 cases or Hiscox cases as well. And we have a special style for Calton flight cases. 


Regular retail runs $159.95 to $169.95, but if you call, we'll not only make sure the fit is right for your guitar, but we'll give you a Holiday price.


And if you want to ultimate in protection for your guitar, without all the associated weight of older traditional construction materials, check out our


Karura Flight Cases:




Karura Martin OM Custom





These very light cases are "baggage-handler" worthy with their carbon fiber construction. I've seen my Bashkin take a tumble getting on the load belt on American, and still it t came out the other side with no issues whatsoever.  The design on this case is remarkable. The way the guitar sits in the cushions is nothing short of genius providing the most snug fit I've seen to date.  As if that were not enough, the weight - or lack thereof, is an incredible perk.  With other flight cases walking from the terminal to the rental car is tough, draining the wrist the fingers because of heft.  The Karura is about 6 pounds, light enough to actually use the over shoulder strap, a bonus when you have to carry more than one thing. 

The standard finish is a color infused gelcoat which comes in clear (showing carbon fiber underneath), black and white. The standard finish is a molded and polished finish so it may show some composite "print-through".

And every Karura flight case is hand-styled with a beautifully custom fit interior of crushed velvet. The standard velvet color is raspberry red. Other colors of velvet are also available as are other fabrics, please contact us to inquire about custom options or to see what we have on hand in stock. An optional “Allure” finish provides a beautifully smooth and lustrous surface that adds a touch of to the elegance to the case. The allure finish is produced by eliminating all visible composite material patterns and applying a high quality 2-pak coating. 

The prices on this case, depending on the size and options, range from $1299.00 to $1669.00, but again, they are discounted for the Holidays.  Call for the price and corresponding discount for your guitar.


So that's our strategy for "razing the re-gift rut", although if you have a 1950's Archtop Vega somewhere around the house, I know I'd be willing to leave the RRR and come pick it up! 

Have a great Holiday and remember, cold can be rough on your guitar, drying out the top wood and sometimes raising your action.  Keep your guitars indoors and don't leave them in the car while you go for the post-gig pancake!  If you have to, get that Colorado Case Cover.