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Spring 2012 June 23, 2015

The Maingard Sound

Do you have a “desert island” music collection, the music that would make the cut if you were stranded forever with just 50 songs?  We do, and among the 50 would be 10 featuring Earl Klugh.  His playing is astounding: melodic and soulful, smooth as glass -- with pristine, fluent execution.  I guess that is why he plays a Maingard. If you play that well, you want every flawless nuance to be heard.
It’s no secret that Marc is one of the world's premier luthiers. And, although some of you have been aware of him for years now, some of you have yet to be introduced.  
“Stunning . . . inspiring . . . “ writes Guitar Magazine of his work.  And we agree.  
We are shining a light on him this month, because he is just that amazing, and his work is art.

In conjunction,  until the end of the month, we are also offering a 10% subscriber discount on any new Maingard we have in stock.  And for those of you who love the sound of African Blackwood, we are running a special promotion on his OM model: CLICK HERE. Call for Very Special pricing on this OM.