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We've Added Another World Class Builder: Gerber June 23, 2015

Anyone who bought an Olson Guitar early on will probably tell you that in addition to owning an awesome instrument; they made a great financial investment.  Olson guitars have a solid reputation for both their amazing sound and ever-increasing value.

Gerber is the new Olson in that respect, and you can make amends for all those missed opportunities by experiencing this new addition to our roster of fine Luthiers. 

Ryan Gerber has been building acoustics since 2008.  With a growing list of notable players like Phil Keaggy playing his instruments, he has already fulfilled his lifelong goal "to design and build guitars that are both visually stunning, and {excellent} in . . . sound and playability." - Ryan Gerber  

These guitars are easy to play, brilliant, distinct across the sound spectrum, and affordably priced. Experience one of several here.

Congratulations Ryan, and welcome aboard!  We are honored to represent you.


More About Ryan Gerber

Custom handcrafted acoustic guitars


From Ryan Gerber:

"I build custom handmade acoustic guitars. My goal as a guitar Luthier is to design and build guitars that are both visually stunning, and {excellent} . . . in . . .  sound and playability. I believe that music is something of the divine, and that musicians everywhere have the ability to bring beauty into our world with each note that they play. I want to help facilitate that with guitars that take musicians to new levels of discovery and inspiration."



"I began building acoustic guitars in 2008, with a few select tools and plenty of wood to practice with. I now have a complete shop at my home in Canton, Ohio, and devote all of my vocational energies to building great guitars. I will spend a lifetime learning and taking steps towards perfection in my craft, all the while bringing joy to those who choose to support me by taking a Gerber guitar in hand and making beautiful music."